Wolfe Interior Design


Wolfe Interior Design is a renowned interior architecture and design studio in Toronto.

We specialize in highly functioning spaces that are both beautiful and healthy. Our belief is that urban spaces can be happier, healthier and more beautiful through thoughtful design.

Founded in 2016 by Jessica Neilas, our studio team is made by diverse designers who have experience creating designs for a variety of bespoke spaces both commercial and residential such as restaurants, hotels, spas, bars, private clubs, health and wellness facilities as well as residential developments and bespoke homes.

At our core, we believe that thoughtful design is about listening to our clients and capturing their vision in a space that works for them on the aesthetic and functional level. We are a dedicated partner and we take the time to understand the purpose of each space and the lifestyle of the people that will experience it.

Our love of materials and textures has driven us to create a library of samples and a relationship with artisanal and commercial vendors both local and globally. This allows us to deliver environments that our clients not only experience physically but connect with emotionally.