Virtue Jewelry and Accessories


My interest in fashion jewellery started in 2009 when a dear friend introduced me to making jewellery for myself. We used different types of beads and semi-precious stones. Not only did I love making fashion jewellery, but I really enjoyed selecting international pieces from major fashion centres. I decided to share my love of fashion jewellery by offering, through my company, the best of the beautiful designs that I have discovered. Our jewellery is for women of all ages who want to add that special piece to complement their natural beauty. Virtue Jewellery also offers fashion accessories for both men and women.

Our fashion jewellery is contemporary, yet timeless. Most of our pieces are made from natural elements such as:
• Gold and silver plate
• Semi-precious metals
• Gem stones
• Leather
• Fabric
• Crystal
• Bohemian beads, glass beads, wood and shells