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Your One-Stop Shop for Innovative and Low-Carb food products for Diabetics, and Keto and Paleo Lifestylers. Paleo, a caveman diet; unprocessed real foods. No grains, no sugar. Keto, a super low carb diet, that uses FAT to FUEL your body. Diabetic, a low carb diet, that is high in fibre and low in refined carbs. We travel across Canada and the United States and the world to find food products that cater to Diabetics, and Keto & Paleo lifestylers. We first look at specific criteria: Total Carbohydrates, Dietary Fibre, Net Carbs (calculated as Total Carbs - Dietary Fibre), Sugars. We then review the ingredient list carefully. We strive to find organic and non-GMO food products where possible. We also search for healthy replacements for comfort foods from your childhood to satisfy your cravings. We deliver to your home. A busy lifestyle means that you may not be able to get out to 5 different stores to buy your weekly grocery list. You are raising a family, building a career, or delaying retirement. You want to spend more time doing the things you need to do and seeing the people you love. We want to save you time.