Sonder Toronto



SONDER TORONTO is a peer-to-peer dress rental service by women, for women. Our objective is to create a platform for women to create, share, and empower one another through fashion. We want to reinforce body positivity and encourage women to shop according to their body type. Following our objectives, we aim to create a community where women can feel open to connect on a personal and professional level - whether you're looking for the perfect dress for a wedding, or you're heading out to an important interview - we want you to be able to create a lasting connection with beautiful memories. Piloting the project in Toronto also comes with great perks! Connecting to thousands of women based on style is one thing, but having the opportunity to connect on culture is a whole other ball game and we want to bring that opportunity to you. We also strive to be inclusive - whether you identify as female, queer, trans, plus-size, petite etc., we hope to expand our service to include options for everyone. In addition to our community, we aim to reduce the community's environmental impact by modelling our business based on rentals instead of resales - we encourage you to use what's already in your closet!