Shaylene Cameron Mentoring

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Shaylene Cameron is the CEO and Founder at Shaylene Cameron Mentoring + the host of the Real Business Real Talk Community.

After driving over 1 million in B2C sales, managing a team of 12, and teaching everything from prospecting to client sales, Shaylene quit at the top of her game.

Now, Shaylene helps coaches & speakers develop the mindset and habits necessary to have a high-performing business without sacrificing who they are + what they want.

If you're looking to:
- Harness authentic selling without feeling pushy or salesly
- Create, plan and package your passion into a persuasive live event
- Become an Inner Driven CEO that masters productivity, boundaries and a growth mindset.

Shaylene is known for working with everyone from new business owners to six & seven figure entrepreneurs on developing the non-negotiable tools, strategies and beliefs required to have a thriving business.


Instagram: @scmentoring