Sandra Faas *FEMMEtastic life


Sandra Faas is an international speaker, top luxury real estate specialist, and serial entrepreneur based in Germany. 
She is the founder of 'Fametastic Life', an organisation established to empower women in achieving their goals, which is a real passion of hers. 
She is also the co-author of  'Wie Hast Du Das Gemacht', and her latest book, 'Manifesting for Women', is coming soon.
As well as being a successful entrepreneur, Sandra is also a loving mum-of-two, a beloved wife, friend, sister and daughter. She strikes up the perfect work-life balance and like all women, is a master multi-tasker.

Sandra says, "Women need women. We ladies do not fight each other and certainly should not fight against men".

"You are the sum of your decisions".

As a child, she experienced the devastation of war yet still, she created a life of luxury. It doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you follow a step-by-step system to succeed. 

Sandra has a deep understanding of the uncertainties and questions one may be facing but believes that you too can live your dreams. 

Everything is possible, even without the so-called "perfect conditions" for success. 

Her main focus now is on empowering individuals in building wealth & creating success within their lives.

Now is the time to get connected with this global powerhouse and sought after coach.