NONA Vegan Foods

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Serves across Canada


Phone Number: 416.836.9387

Three creamy vegan NONA sauces for you to mix, pour or dip with your favourite pasta, protein, veggies and snackers! Alfredo-style, Cheesy-style, and Carbonara style. This sauce line is an ode to my mother. She immigrated to Canada from Italy when she was 7 years old. Growing up, I spent countless hours in the kitchen with her, learning my Nonna’s secret recipes and inventing recipes of our own. My mother was also a vegan during her “hippie years”. Eleven years ago when I decided to go vegan, she returned to a vegan diet with me. She truly loved to nourish people with her delicious food, and I have definitely inherited that trait.After her passing in 2011, cooking gained even more importance to me. It gave me great joy to cook her recipes and to allow my creative juices to flow in the kitchen. Friends and family were very receptive to this outpouring of cooking, finding comfort in the flavours and tastes from her signature dishes. Her vegan Alfredo is one such dish. It was always my favourite meal and I looked forward to it any time I went home during university breaks and upon return from worldly travels. - Kailey Gilchrist, Sause Boss at NONA Vegan Foods Ltd.