Four // Walls


A full service interior design studio led by Keri MacLellan. Keri's design ethos is to elevate and define each space; giving four simple walls a voice to inspire those who occupy them.

Services Include:

  • Full Service Interior Design

  • Interior Styling

  • Design Consultation

Keri started her career in marketing & communications, a skill set she translates in her design process. Though Keri enjoyed marketing, her obsession with design ultimately challenged her to carve out a new career path. She moved to London, UK  to retrain at KLC School of Design.

After completing design school Keri further accepted a position at a commercial and residential interior design start-up in London's Fitzrovia, which grew into one of the premier interior design studios in the city within a few short years. It was there that her true passion for impeccably detailed spaces was realized. 

Since returning to Canada her goal is to bring authenticity, functionality and beauty to each project. Creating a story for the spaces she builds, and those who enjoy them. 

Prince Edward County, ON, Canada