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Ensembl is a housewares brand that makes tools for modern living.

We create products that empower you to do more, starting with STACK: A high-performance nesting cookware system re-imagined to unlock limitless culinary potential. Its revolutionary, patent-pending design allows you to seamlessly cook, serve, and store any dish you can imagine -- all in the same vessel. When stored, STACK occupies 1/5th the storage space required by traditional products so that you can do more and maximize your space.

There is a disconnect between the way housewares are currently made and the requirements of modern life. Ensembl was created by a passionate founding team that renounces the traditional narrative that the size of your space should dictate the size of your life, rejecting the notion that urban living – or space-conscious living – comes with compromises. Instead, we believe in maximizing the space that you have with thoughtful, design-forward products that serve to complement the aesthetic of your space while leaving room for what matters most. We strive to bring a fresh and innovative approach to an industry that has for decades demanded that people tailor their lifestyle to accommodate the status quo.

We create housewares, re-imagined to meet the ambitions of modern life: innovative design, high-performance materials, space-efficiency, and ultra-functionality..






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