The Double Jay Collective


he Double Jay Collective began as a collection of the creative works of Jenny Jay: our founder. She is a multimedia creator with a passion for every aspect of storytelling: a photographer, filmmaker, and writer with an indistinguishable love for her field. The collective began as a space to share all of the work she was doing: whether it was filming an award-winning documentary, photographing internationally-known poet Najwa Zebian, or simply creating with the people around her, as her work grew, so did the network around her. Now, The Double Jay Collective has blossomed into something more: it has now expanded to a collective of creatives, joined together in passion. They're photographers, poets, filmmakers, visual artists, and graphic designers. They're friends. Entrepreneurs. Artists, united by their passion. The Double Jay Collective team includes a talented roster of highly skilled photographers, videographers, writers and visual artists who are truly dedicated to their art, so support them by checking out the online store and browsing through their work. You can also support the artists by hiring our talent: from product photography, to video campaigns and commissioned arts, The Double Jay Collective is excited to bring our passion to your projects

Toronto, Canada