Cubby Cubes


Organize it. Pack it. Live it.

CubbyCubes was born from a need to find a way for campers organize to their clothing while away at overnight camp.

After witnessing my own children’s messy cubbies at camp for several years, I knew there had to be a simpler way to keep things organized.  I decided to manufacture my own cubes and start to change the way campers organize their clothing while away at overnight camp. This led to the birth of CubbyCubes –  – Sandi, founder of CubbyCubes.

The CubbyCubes advantage is to help make the process for the parent and the camper less time consuming and less frustrating. Each unit comes with a business card that can be turned around and written on to indicate the contents of the unit. After the CubbyCubes are packed with the clothing, the units place easily into the duffel bags.  Now it is even easier to zip up the bags because clothing isn’t falling into each other and the items are slightly condensed so you can pack some extra things!