Choose Gratitude


Choose Gratitude was founded to empower you with information around gratitude, happiness, mindfulness and compassion to help cultivate in you a greater appreciation for your experiences, the people you interact with, and your world. Choose Gratitude strives to bring a gratitude mindset to the forefront of our awareness.

The Founder, Diviya Lewis, a Registered Psychotherapist (Q) in Ontario, also provides individual and group therapy in Toronto. She conducts lunch'n'learns, psycho-educational workshops, and has spoken at various Conferences (i.e. Conference Board of Canada Workplace Mental Health Conference, Young Women in Business Conference) on the Power of Gratitude.

We advocate for an evidence-based approach, using research to explore the various practices that improve our well-being and happiness, empowering individuals and teams with the education, tools, & support to create, sustain & grow their gratitude mindset.