C Rosé


Chantal Fry was inspired to share her Rosé wine experiences that she acquired while living in the South of France for 8 years. She fell in love with the conviviality of rosé and felt others in Canada would as well.

Chantal now offers exclusive tastings, rosé wine education events and sales in Toronto through her LCBO certified agency. During her extensive travels and experiences, she carefully curates a select collection of wines from the South of France.
Chantal believes in a human approach with a connection to people and wine as well as an authentic experience for her clients. Her daughter Laetitia worked in the fields of a vineyard in the South of France and acquired a passion for the process. Together they have a deep love for sharing their experiences with others and only introducing the top quality products and trends from France. Her husband Laurent, who is from Marseille, provides all the fine foods through his distribution company Savourez.


46 Midland Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M1N 3Z9 Canada