Katy the Copywriter

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Based in Toronto, ON


Katy Mansell-Carter (she/her) is an ethical sales copy expert and Copywriting Coach for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Known online as "Katy The Copywriter", Katy helps business owners of all genders get more leads, make more sales, and reach the results they deserve, by harnessing the power of great copywriting.

With a focus on ethical and inclusive language, working with Katy means no pushy sales tactics, no cheesy cliches, and no more icky feeling when you share your services online.

If you want to:
- Learn to write top-notch copy
- Totally slay your sales goals without feeling squirmy
- Send your confidence stratospheric

Katy can set you up with the tools, tips, and motivation you need to get your customers excited to buy from you again and again and sell your services with integrity.

Website Link: www.katythecopywriter.com

Contact Link: katy@katythecopywriter.com