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What is femmebought?

Hint; It’s more than just a directory.

At its core, femmebought is an online directory of women-owned businesses. If you’re looking to purchase with purpose, and buy from companies with ladies at the helm, then pull up a chair, you’re in the right place.

We’re much more than just a directory, though.

Femmebought is a community that empowers more women to reach the top. We’re a community of smart, driven and passionate advocates who take action towards levelling the playing field. Sounds good? Join our community here. 



Our mission isn’t complicated; we want to support women-owned businesses, and show others how to do the same.

We empower both companies and consumers to take deliberate, purposeful steps to help more women reach the top. To us, that means less talk, and a lot more action;

  • Actively choosing to buy from women-owned companies

  • Actively bringing together a network of women in business

  • Actively sharing our mission, and showing others how simple it is to effect change

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Why women-owned matters.

In a world where we’re urged to lean in and take our seats at the table, empowering women to succeed is not a new idea.

Our approach is not only to actively support businesses, but to inspire and empower the consumer too.

2017’s Fortune 500 list featured a “record high” of 32 women CEOs, but having a 6.4% share of the pie is simply not enough.

If you want to help us change the status quo and level the playing field, you can join our community or nominate a business that’s women-owned.


Meet Sophia Ruffolo
founder and CEO at femmebought.

Femmebought is Sophia’s passion and side-hustle. She attributes her success to the empowering women role models in her life, including co-founder, Stacee Hasenbalg. Empowered Women Empower Women. She’s eliminated competition between women from the equation. Her newest mantra is…if someone is copying your idea, feel flattered. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery. She created and built the femmebought name, brand and mission through the collaboration and support of women, over coffees, cocktails, and social media.

Since then Sophia has become a blogging journalist, digital marketer, speaker on blockchain and cryptocurrency topics, Insta selfie guru, tweeter, and very unsophisticated web designer. There’s a reason it’s called a side-hustle.

She’s always been a champion diversity and inclusion, especially for underserved populations launching Pro Bono programs in two countries. A reformed lawyer, speaker on risk management and regulatory topics, planner of large charity fundraisers, and a member of the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Family Services.


MEET Stacee Hasenbalg
Co-founder AT Femmebought

Meet Stacee Hasenbalg, a FinTech leader, lawyer, ardent advocate of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and co-founder at femmebought. Stacee is a relentless champion of women entrepreneurs, founders, C-suite executives and risk takers. She works tirelessly to empower top-performing women to own their success, so they can take risks, get noticed, and create change with confidence.

With over 25 years of top-level finance and technology industry experience, Stacee brings an impressive set of strengths to the table for the femmebought community, spanning everything from negotiation and business development skills, to mountain climbing.

Featured in Tiara International’s discussion on Leading With Impact and a highly-requested speaker and panellist, Stacee's signature style of advocacy is as accessible as it is powerful. Based in Chicago, Stacee is an active member of her local femmebought community, constantly seeking out women-owned businesses to celebrate and share.

Members love her because of her passion, persistence, and unshakeable commitment to helping women recognize their own brilliance.