“Andee Rudloff doesn’t care to take up any particular titles. Her card reads painter, consultant, and curator, and she’s always looking to grow opportunities. She pulls from her array of experiences gained through myriad positions in the arts. With one foot in Nashville and the other in Bowling Green, Kentucky, she’s a seminal figure of the arts in our region. Rudloff’s boldly colored murals filled with interlocking geometric forms can be found around the nation. However, at any given time you can check her website and find an opportunity to pick up a paintbrush with her in Nashville. Triumphantly committed to all things local, Rudloff sources all of her paint and supplies locally. She’s not just about painting walls. The artist approaches functional public art as a way to promote cross-generational conversations, business, and of course, community. Recently taking a leap into printmaking, she continues to push herself as an artist. It is in the context of Rudloff’s constant flurry of adventures in art, and also her escalating concern for working artists in Nashville, that we began our conversation.” Nashville Arts December, 2017, Sara Lee Burd Photographs by Nina Covington and Stacey Irvin.