Give Business a Boost by Believing in Yourself

I don’t think you can pursue entrepreneurship if you don’t believe in your self.

Excerpt from Story of Sophia Ruffolo from Call Me a Creator
written and curated by Stephanie Chinn, edited by Katie Bull


Photograph and Illustration by Stephanie Chinn.

I was very confident that we would see our first woman President of the United States of America in 2016….[As I watched the glass ceiling] get thicker and farther away, I felt a sense of guilt, that I hadn’t done enough to support women.] …[I realized] women don’t feel the kind of solidarity towards other women that I feel. That is what inspired me to start femmebought.

My goal with femmebought was to create an inclusive community that invites all women, gives them a collective voice, and a space to support and empower each other. It’s an online directory of women-owned businesses, but we are also a movement that empowers more women to reach the top. This journey with femmebought has been enlightening. It has taken me outside of my normal…. I am much more enlightened because I am seeing all these women who have businesses who are doing such creative things with their careers….

When I reflect on what I believe in, the first thing that comes to mind is myself. I believe in myself. I don’t think you can pursue entrepreneurship if you don’t believe in yourself. Trying to empower people and trying to find the good, you really have to believe in yourself…

In five years, I would love to have seen that I really helped people and the lives that I touched. I hope to see the women entrepreneurs who are part of our femmebought community thrive and succeed and be a strong and meaningful voice in the economic marketplace. We’re already seeing that happen in just six months. I meet people who tell me they think differently in their buying habits, they’re deliberate with their spending….Personally, I hope to grow femmebought into a multinational company with 20,000 members….That’s where we’re headed. Go to Call Me a Creator for the full story.

Curated by Stephanie Chinn @stephaniechinnart @callmeacreator

Edited by Katie Bull @bull_katie

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