3 Toronto femmebought brands that will change your life.


Do the businesses you support know what it’s like to be a woman?

What about a woman in Toronto? These three do.

These women-owned businesses are going to change your life because they *get you*. They know what it means to be a woman in today’s world and have designed their businesses specifically with you in mind.

#1: Easy Period,
founded by Alyssa Bertram

How’s your period been lately?
Let’s face it, although a beautiful part of life, periods can be a logistical nightmare.

How many times have you been up the creek without a paddle (i.e. at work, out for dinner, or on the subway) when you realize you don’t have pads or tampons with you?

Easy Period, founded by Alyssa Bertram, is here to fix that.

Easy Period delivers 100% organic cotton and safe period products right to your door. Alyssa’s incredible entrepreneurial spirit is what sets her apart from other leaders. Not only has she built a business so you can say “NO” to last-minute runs to the drugstore, but she even donates 5% of the profits to the Zana Africa Foundation, which goes to support Kenyan girls, delivering pads and health education.

Find out more here. 

#2: Happy on Mondays,
founded by Mimi Boyer. 

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Happy on Mondays is Toronto’s best new event series, hosting meetups early on Monday morning (Yep, it starts at 8am, but you’ll love it, we promise!)

To founder, Mimi Boyer, happiness is a lifestyle - even on Mondays. 

At each monthly meetup, expect tasty snacks, inspiring speakers, and friendly networking. Uninspired by her 9-5 and perpetually dreaming of the weekend, Mimi took the plunge into her own venture. With a growing community of people who are following their inner fire, now you can too, according to the Happy on Monday ethos. 

Get inspired here.



#3: Make Lemonade,
founded by Rachel Kelly

This coworking space is what dreams are made of. Have you envisioned a space to work that was friendly, productive, AND stylish? Look no further than Make Lemonade.

Located at the heart of downtown Toronto, Make Lemonade is founded by Rachel Kelly.

Designed especially for those that identify as women, this co-working space opened less than a year ago and is the perfect place for freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners to get sh*t done. You won’t regret dropping in for a tour (or becoming a Member, trust us)!

Rachel used her initiative and perseverance to build what is now Make Lemonade. Part of her journey included the courage to stand with her brand, not behind it.

Make some Lemonade, here.



These brands support and engage Toronto women in a real way.

Change is coming in the Toronto community.
Can you feel it? We can.


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