Why You Should Use Mindfulness to Better Your Business



In a creative rut?

Negative thoughts got you down?

Mindfulness might be the best thing for you.  

Mindfulness is the mental health trend on everyone’s lips. It covers things like yoga, meditation and conscious breathing. Really, it’s so much more.

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness and bringing your attention to the present.

For example: walking to work and paying attention to your surroundings instead of listening to music.

Why are we telling you about mindfulness? Because it’s an awesome business tool that’s free to use!

Here’s How It Works:

Mindfulness Reduces Stress

Take a step back from what’s causing you stress. Practice deep breathing or mindful walking to give you physical and mental distance from the situation. Quiet your mind and focus on the exercise.

Mindfulness won’t stop you from ever feeling stressed (we wish we had that miracle cure!)

It can stop physical symptoms of stress, like shallow breathing or a racing heart. 

These exercises separate you from the stressful situation for a moment, giving you distance to process the event.

Taking a moment to focus your mind will make you feel less scattered.

Your new focus will help you defeat problems and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Long-term practise will build your mental resilience to stress. With a calm mind, you’ll be able to see stress coming and stop it in its tracks

Mindfulness Helps Overcome Negativity

Negative thoughts can be the killer of success. Mindfulness takes them down and builds up your mental defenses.

Taking stock of the present and your skills is vital in developing mental resilience. Drown out the negative thoughts with a mindful practise involving a mantra.

Repeat 5 skills or an affirmation of your worth every time your thinking becomes negative. Soon, you’ll automatically be countering the negatives with positives that will help you feel like the boss you are! 

Mindfulness Unlocks the Hidden Powers of Your Mind

Training your brain to filter out the nonsense of negative thoughts and scattered ideas unlocks its true potential.

From increased critical-thinking to superior creativity to higher energy: mindfulness unlocks it all!

With all these new skills, you’ll be able to master your business like never before.

Free yourself from distractions by emptying your mind during meditation. Practise different thought patterns to develop your mental adaptability. Reinvigorate yourself with deep breathing exercises.

Use your calm mind to come up with a plethora of new ideas. From new perspectives on problem-solving to artistic creations, you’ll unlock them all.

Tackle new problems with mindful solutions. Put yourself in others’ shoes for a different perspective on the issue.

Mindfulness offers all these benefits and more. They’ll better your business by bettering you (because your business starts with you!).

A positive headspace, an active and clear mind, a new perspective and enhanced skills could be the changes you need to move to the next level.

Try These 3 Exercises

These exercises will start you on your mindfulness journey to bettering your business.

1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises are an easy practise to integrate into your life. You can do them anywhere: on the bus, between emails or even during your coffee break.

Sit down and take deep breaths through your nose. Put a hand on your stomach and a hand on your chest to ensure you are not breathing shallowly. Focus on filling your lungs and extending your stomach. Go through a few cycles of this, keeping your mind focused on your breathe.

2. Mindful Walking

Mindful walking is a practise of being aware of your surroundings. Don’t use distractions like earphones or your phone.

Pay attention to everything around you while you walk. Notice the scenery. Hear the noises. If it helps, name everything you sense. Keep your thoughts focused on where you are and what’s around you. If your thoughts drift, redirect them back to the mindful walking.


3. Choose a Mantra

Having a mantra or positive affirmation is a part of a lot of meditative exercises. You can combine it with meditation or do it on its own. 

Start your day with it or use it to combat negative thoughts.

A mantra can be anything you want. It’s a statement or series of statements meant to empower you. It can be a general statement or something more personal.

Repeat it whenever you are practising mindfulness. This could be during a yoga session, while deep breathing or when you’re changing your thought patterns.

Which mindful exercise will you try this week?
Dedicate a few minutes to clearing your mind and bettering your business. 
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