So you think you need an Angel Investor?


Post event highlights from our Angel Investing event

3 key takeaways

01 Investments are built on trust. Work with investors who believe in you, your values and your big idea.

02 Learn how to raise capital without giving up equity too early.

03 Incubator programs are great ways to grow, build a network and find a market fit.

Thank you to BStellar Consulting Group for providing us with these epic key takeaways from the event!


To our incredible speakers: Christiane Wherry, Erica Pearson, Jeffrey Potvin, Fatima Zaidi, Prathna Ramesh, Preeti Malik and Stephanie McGuinty. 

To our talented photographer: Alejandra Claros

To our supportive sponsors and partners: Love Child Social House, Open People Network (OPN), Rhiza CapitalDirtyBlonde, Raiz Drinks, Kettel One BotanicalConnection Collective Co, The Plant YYZ, Yappie Kitchen, and Eatable


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