Women in Technology and Blockchain

After spending 8 months learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain, I know enough to know that the real masters were in it long before it was popular.

I recently met these really impressive women in Technology and Blockchain:

Alexia Hefti, Deloitte,
Blockchain Tax Lead


Amy ter Haar, Board Member of Blockchain Canada and President of Integra Ledger


Nelia Texiera, Founder of Olive Branch Law Firm (practice includes blockchain, technology, design and innovation)


What about these Women in Technology and Blockchain inspires me?

Nelia, Amy and Alexia are role models to women interested in Technology and Blockchain.  Why is that? What makes them different? Aren’t all entrepreneurs trailblazers? Well, yes of course. Their entrepreneurial spirit is invigorating.

But what makes these women different is that they are at the forefront of shaping the blockchain industry, and its evolving laws, regulations, and taxation.

Nelia is full of energy, a role model for women starting their careers. She braved opening her own firm and delving into the blockchain arena before it was popular.  She was only half joking when she told me this was the first year that her family didn’t ask her to stop talking about blockchain during holiday festivities. I’m pretty sure my husband said the same thing about me.

The moment I met Nelia I was impressed! Her passionate for blockchain is infectious. Thanks to Nelia I have gotten a glimpse into Women in Technology and Blockchain. Daunting? Only at first. Then I realized these very passionate women are just like you and me. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work. I am looking forward to working with Nelia on our upcoming pieces on Women in Blockchain series.

Thanks to Nelia, I met quite a few Women in Blockchain when she brought me and my husband, Russ (the real Blockchain expert of our family) to a panel presentation hosted by Blockchain Canada on Bridging the Blockchain Regulatory Gap and introduced me to Amy.

Amy is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and blockchain pioneer.  A role model to aspiring founders.  I had the pleasure of listening to Amy introduce the panel speakers.  She is so incredibly humble that I was blissfully unaware of the trailblazer before me. I am looking forward to interviewing Amy for one of our upcoming features.

Alexia was a highlight of the presentation. That could be because I’m a tax geek. Ask anyone, I just love tax talk. When you combine tax with global regulation…well…I’m in awe.  My favorite part of Alexia’s talk was when she explained that countries providing tax or regulatory guidance to the blockchain industry will continue to attract companies and outpace countries that don’t. Alexia is a Swiss-Canadian-Hong Kong blockchain and crypto lawyer who works in international corporate tax planning advising ICOs.  When I chatted with her after the presentation I was even more inspired to learn about her incredible work in support of women.

What I leave you with is this, there are amazing women out there blazing trails, pioneers in technology, entrepreneurs in digital media. What these women have in common is strong will to effect global change.

A special thanks to Stacee Hasenbalg and Carla Goldstein.  Without them I would not have met these Nelia Texiera who introduced me to Amy ter Haar who organized the great panel presentation where I met Alexia Hefti.


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