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Crowdfunding 101


Want to make sure your crowdfunding campaign is a runaway success?
In this three-part workshop series, you’ll learn practical tips and proven strategies to raise maximum dollar, and build the business of your dreams.


Join us in downtown Toronto this February for a 3-part Crowdfunding Workshop Series, that’ll leave you ready to Kickstart Your Campaign, Attract Your Backers, and Leverage The Media on February 5, 21 and 28. 

Whether you want to master the basics, or dive a little deeper, these workshops set you up with everything you need to create and run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Plus plenty of networking with members from the femmebought community.

Your ticket also includes:

- Raiz drinks

- Tons of networking

- Photo opportunities

- Q&A with expert funding consultant Stephania Stefanakou

- Collaborative Learning Time


You don’t have to be Crowdfunding to get massive value from these workshops!

You should also attend if:

  • You’re working on your brand story and messaging

  • You’re looking for proven Facebook & Google Ads strategies

  • How to leverage your social media following

  •  You’re seeking media coverage for your business

  • You’re looking for proven PR strategies

  • You’re looking to create an influencer strategy for your biz

Secure your spot for the entire series and save!

$76 before January 14th
$95 after January 14th

part 1

Kickstart Your funding
February 5th / 6:30pm

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Whether you're brand new to crowdfunding OR you tried and failed in the past, this beginners guide brings you up to speed with crowdfunding in 2019.

You’ll learn:

  • Features and benefits of each platform, and which works best for you

  • Tips and strategies for planning your launch

  • Understanding your budget, timeline, and competition

  • The importance of building your story


Attract Your early adopters
February 21st / 6:30pm

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If you don’t have backers, you don’t have a crowdfunding campaign. Part 2 will set you up with the skills and confidence to go get those supporters and raise your funds.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build your following before you launch your campaign

  • How to hire and brief your copywriter

  • Facebook and Google Ads strategies

  • The importance of creating multiple offers and tips on how to do it

  • How to strike a balance and not overwhelm your followers


Leveraging your influencers + the media
February 28th / 6:30pm

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How do you get the media to take notice of your campaign? Part 3 is focussed on leveraging new and existing networks to help you surpass your goal.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of leveraging your contacts

  • Which strategies get media attention (and which don’t)

  • How to translate coverage into sales

  • How to work your crowdfunding platform’s algorithm to get noticed by their community

  • How to send messages to journalists and bloggers


Expert Funding Consultant, Stephania Stefanakou.

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You might recognize her from our Girls Just Wanna Have Funding Panel in November 2018. Stephania is an expert when it comes to crowdfunding. Not only does she support multiple business through her consulting business, but she’s been there and done it with her own company, lingerie startup House of Anesi, too. 

House of Anesi’s high-profile campaign in summer 2018 raised over $90k in crowdfunding, and secured worldwide media coverage, including Teen Vogue, Bustle, Glamour, and VICE.

You’ll love Stephania’s direct and fun delivery style, and practical approach. We’re thrilled to have her on board!


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Make Lemonade, 326 Adelaide Street West, Suite 600