Big Picture Psychological Services


I'm a psychologist and I own and operate my own private practice. This was a labor of love and had its own learning curve. But now I want to connect with other therapists who also want to build their own practices and form a community of support in as many ways as possible. I want to bring mental health professionals and the co-working modeI together to meet this field's unique needs. I am working to create a network of mental health professionals that can learn from each other about how to grow our businesses but also continue to address relevant issues within our field including current events, "things we wish we would have known," consultation about current work and spreading the word about each therapists specific areas of expertise and passions!

Look for more information on my website about upcoming pop-up events in Chicago!

As a psychologist, I am licensed in Illinois and more states to come! I specialize in psychological testing. I'm particularly passionate about helping adults determine if they have ADHD or a Learning Disability that has been misdiagnosed or undetected and has held them back or impeded success. I also provide individual therapy to adults (especially young adults, students and young career professionals) struggling with a range of concerns. I especially enjoy working with people who experience burnout, perfectionism and who could benefit from setting boundaries with work and in relationships to prioritize their own wants and needs. I also work with mood disorders, anxiety, life transitions, relationship concerns, and sexual orientation and gender identity development. Additionally, I have extensive experience providing substance abuse treatment. My style of clinical practice is predominately informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness-based treatment approaches. I also integrate humor into my work and focus on relational dynamics that may be influencing a client's presenting issues.